Willow Cottage

Our house was built in 1915 by Christopher P. Scott, who owned an electrical contracting business (Scott Electric, in the Dekum building Downtown). Christopher lived in the house until the Great Depression. In 1932, the house was purchased by Abner and Germaine Whipple (for under $10,000!). Neighbors recall that Germaine was a Belgian princess, and that Abner was the honorary Belgian Consul. The Whipples added a dining room extension, and word has it that much formal entertaining was done under the glare of an immense Belgian chandelier (long since gone). Abner died in 1948, and Germaine continued to live in the house until her death in 1957. In 1958, a family of 12 moved in (Dr. Robert Tinker, his wife and 10 children!). The Tinkers combined the small kitchen with the butler's pantry, giving us the larger space you see today. Dr. Tinker passed away in 1989, and Mrs. Tinker stayed in the house until her death in 1996. We are the fourth family to live in Willow Cottage.

Willow Cottage, Built1915